4pages Sheet1 SCI 110 Signature Assignment (APA paper and Presentation) Name: Date: Purpose: To incorporate all one will be exposed to in the

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SCI 110 Signature Assignment (APA paper and Presentation)
Name: Date:
Purpose: To incorporate all one will be exposed to in the study of Calculus and to provide the student a better appreciation of the complexity associated with this field of study. Additionally, the purpose of the write-up is improve one’s ability to articulate some of the complex issues that are associated with the field of Calculus.
MTH 135 a course project APA Formatted paper in a chosen field of Calculus (any topic covered in this course). To assist you, the project is broken up in parts consisting of Part 1: Introduction, defining the issue, and how data (information was collected). Part 2: Data analysis. The analysis will consist of descriptive statistics and a objective discussion of the information and resulting analysis. Part 3: Will be the conclusion which will be derived from tha analysis and research conducted within the scope of Part 1 & 2. Based on the analysis, recommendations will be also be formulated. All three parts will will be read, evaluated, scored and feedback provided utilizing the below rubrics. Punctuation, grammar, and stylistic evaluation which will also be evaluated. The course project paper will be due in week 9, Below is the rubric.
Format: APA Formatted paper (7th edition version) will be a total of 12 – 15 pages, double space, 12 pt font size.
Points Criteria Met Partially Needs
Allowed Accomplished Met Imrovement Comments
Part 1 90-100% 70-89% 50-69%
1 Introduce your topic and clearly define the parameters of your chosen project. 10
2 Clearly identify the problem, theme, and why this issue is important.. 5
3 Incorporate a peer reviewed article 5
4 Given your topic, set the tone of the organization of your paper in the last few sentences of your first paragraph. 5
Part 2
1 More indept discussion of the topic chosen; elaboration of the problem issues. 5
2 Data sources 5
3 Data type & analysis 10
Part 3
1 Based on the analysis what are some recommendations provided? 5
2 What your conclusions? 10
3 Quality of your APA formatted Conclusions 5
4 Title page, Agenda, page, Conclsuion Page 5
5 Summary / Conclusion 5
Part 5
1 Organization 5
2 Punctuation & Grammar 5
3 In-text citation 5
4 Reference Page 5
5 Inofrmation Literacy 20% of total grade 5
Total % points earned and awarded: 100 0% Score recorded in gradebook based on points allocated to this assignment.
Additional comments:





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