ASSS##3(2)—8787878787 Please download 4 files This course is “Advertising and sales promotion Management”. Read the case study (phillsbury Cookie Challen

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Please download 4 files

This course is “Advertising and sales promotion Management”. Read the case study (phillsbury Cookie Challenge) carefully and answer the following five questions.

There are some questions that need to refer to the content of the slide 5, 6 when answering

Pillsbury Analysis:

Action Plan and Creative Brief

Individual Assignment

Individual Assignment. Please complete this work individually without referencing any additional information (e.g., on the web). If you have questions, please ask me.

(28 points)

In the Pillsbury Canada case, Pillsbury has been targeting a fairly generic “30’s – 40’s mom” segment. Growth is stagnant and Guillen is trying to develop a plan to grow sales of refrigerated cookie dough in the Canadian market.

Use the data from the case, our class discussion of the insights gained from the research, our role play, and analysis of the different segments to develop a well- supported plan.

Please read slides 5 and 6 before answering the following questions

1) (8 points) Identify the specific target that you recommend. The case discusses usage segments. You can consider these or identify other segments that you believe to be relevant. Be sure to discuss the pros and cons of at least three possible segments and why you recommend the specific target(s). It should be clear why you are considering these possible targets, what the pros and cons are for each, and why you make your specific target recommendation.

2) (6 points) Identify the brand messaging, including the Point(s) of Difference (POD) and Point(s) of Parity (POP) that you believe are most appropriate for your recommended target, providing analysis of why these are appropriate for the target.

3) (4 points) Recommend one or more “SMART” communication objectives for the brand given your recommended target and the details of the case. Write out the specific, complete communication objective(s). (SMART content please refer to slide1 page 36)

4) (2 points) Recommend either a TV, youtube, or print (i.e., magazine) ad and discuss why you think that this is a good match with the specific communication objectives and the target.

5) (8 points) Develop a communication brief to guide development of the communication. Follow the template presented in class (note that your communication objective(s) should be included in the communication brief). Please provide a separate communication document (such as one that you could present to your agency).

(Please refer to slide1 pages 47-51 for the Communication Brief)

Be sure that your plan is internally consistent. The links between the product, target, POP, POD, communication objective(s) and brief should be clear.

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