connections between what you observed in the PSID Social Science homework help

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In 225+ words and 2+ paragraphs, make 2+ connections between what you observed in the PSID and what you have learned from our textbook author Cherlin and other course materials so far about how sociologists study family and how they collect data. In making the 2+ connections between the PSID and what you’ve learned, address the following in any order in your essay,

· Identify what we mean by public and private goods, and how family is a public good and how it is a private one. How is family a social institution?

· Explain what a theory is and describe how one sociological theory of family explains family.

· Describe 2 data collection methods used in social research and their strengths/ weaknesses. Relate these to what you noted in the PSID.

Your essay should have at minimum of 2 explicit references to 2 different course materials from the lesson, (not counting references to the the PSID). Hint: the likely sources will include Cherlin, Lectures, other Lesson 1 sources such as Vespa et al. Be sure to use the APA’s parenthetical citation format. A formal reference list at the end will not be necessary.

It may be more practical to compose your essay outside of Canvas and then cut and paste it here.

Reference to use

· Vespa J. et al. (2013). America’s families and living arrangements: 2012.

· (Links to an external site.)

· Current Population Survey PS0-570. US Census Bureau. Retrieved from

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