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 While observing the website, I noticed back in 2008 was when everything started to shift and in 2009, it looks like it wasn’t any better, possibly much worse. The current GDP rate is -3.4 which seems to be worse then what it was before. I think most of this is because of the pandemic we’re under. The past few years have had a much better trend and stayed consistent. It seems that U.S. is struggling in most of the metrics as illustrated in the table but they seem to be highly active in durable goods. I think it’s because of the supply and demand of the products that need to be made and since some items are more at need than others, this ramps up revenue quickly. As I noticed on the table that goods, both durable and nondurable were at its low during the year 2009 but then increased rapidly throughout the years. I also noticed that export and import goods were bad the same year and then gradually increased. I think most of this happened because of several things, such as, new leadership that took over the country, and forming alliances with other countries where exported goods come from. It seems that when the economy hits something catastrophic, it falls hard because supplies and resources start to become limited.
BEA: Data Tools. (2022). Bureau of Economic Analysis. Retrieved January 25, 2022, from

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