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1/25/22, 11:02 PM Article Critique #1

https://ecourses.pvamu.edu/courses/15558/assignments/211658 1/2

Article Critique #1

Due Friday by 11:59pm Points 50 Submitting a text entry box

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Consistent with our Student Learning Outcomes 2, 4, and 5 – you will be critiquing a scholarly research article. The goals of

these evaluations are to expose you to academic research and scientific writing, to familiarize you with new study designs and

topics, and to apply what you’re learning week-to-week in this course.


ARTICLE CRITIQUE INSTRUCTIONS: (1) Read the article “Adolescent Female Offenders’
Subjective Experiences of How Peers Influence Norm-Breaking Behavior,” then (2) answer the
questions below. All answers must be in complete sentences. Please organize your responses
with Headers (background, method, results, conclusion) and number responses. See an


1. Write the APA citation in full. Not sure how to cite in APA? Check out this YouTube tutorial
(https://youtu.be/TSSt6qXwkDc) or this APA Guide (https://libraryguides.vu.edu.au/apa-
referencing/7JournalArticles) for more info.


1. Based on the introduction and literature review, what is the primary “problem” that the researchers are
concerned with?

2. Are there specific research questions to be answered OR hypotheses to be tested stated? (hint: you
usually find these at the end of the lit review or in the “current study” section). If yes – what are they?

METHOD (15 pts)

1. What is the sample of this study? Give as many details as possible regarding who the participants
are, size, and major characteristics.

2. Tell me a little bit about the design and procedure of the study. Include details here about the type of
study, specific steps taken, etc..

RESULTS (10 pts)

1. What did the researchers find? Were their research questions answered? Did they confirm their

1/25/22, 11:02 PM Article Critique #1

https://ecourses.pvamu.edu/courses/15558/assignments/211658 2/2


1. What are the implications of this study? How can it be used to help improve practices, policies, etc?
Can the findings help anyone?

2. What are the limitations? What did the researcher say were challenges or limitations of their research
that need to be improved?

3. What are some suggestions for future research? This can either be what the researchers suggested
for future research OR what you think would be interesting for the researchers to examine next.


There are some important things to know before you begin.

You may have written “summaries” for previous courses. This is not a summary. You must follow the questions I outline for

you below, as you’ll be critiquing the research article from a methodological perspective.

These assignments will be challenging – especially if you haven’t read a lot of research studies / been exposed to

research or scholarly articles in the past. Please don’t let this discourage you, these will get easier throughout the

semester as you learn more and can more easily identify and evaluate the various elements of a research study/article.

This summary MUST be in your own words. Do not copy/paste directly from the article. Your responses must be in your

own words. Use complete sentences. Work individually (do not work with your classmates). I have a zero-tolerance policy

for cheating and plagiarism.

**If you have questions about the assignment, please ask them on the “Course Questions and Answers

(%24CANVAS_OBJECT_REFERENCE%24/discussion_topics/g2ae6c5e4b1c22ed573a405bbc3666b8e) ” Discussion board.

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