Due Friday Psychology Applied Assignment #1: Understanding Your Memory This assignment is related to the course material on Memory. You should review the

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Psychology Applied Assignment #1: Understanding Your Memory

This assignment is related to the course material on Memory. You should review the textbook and lectures on this topic before beginning this assignment. 

Your Picture:

· Find a picture that involves an experience that you remember relatively well, which means you can recall enough detail to tell someone a coherent story about the event. This event also must involve at least one other person with whom you have contact and can ask about his or her recollection of this memory.

Part 1: Your Memory:

· Write down your recollection of the memory connected to this picture in as much detail as possible. You will include this memory in your PA #1 submission.

· What type of memory is it? 

Cite from the textbook section on Memory Storage. 

· What influenced your recollection of this memory? 

Cite from the textbook section on Memory Retrieval and/or Parts of Brain Involved in Memory. 

Part 2: Someone else’s Memory:

· Without sharing your own memory, ask the other person involved in this experience about his or her recollection of the event. For example, (shows picture) “Hey, what do you remember about this?”

Part 3: Analyzing the Discrepancies:

· Describe the difference between your recollection and the other person’s recollection. What details differed?

· Why do you think you remembered the event differently? 

Cite from the textbook section on Memory Retrieval and/or Memory Construction.  

· Why do you think you forgot certain aspects? What impacted your memory? 

Cite from the textbook section on Amnesia and Forgetting.  

This assignment should include four sections as follows:

1. The picture connected to the memory embedded in your post. Here are instructions on how to 
Embed an Image (Links to an external site.)
 in your submission.

2. A section labeled “Part 1: My Memory”

3. A section labeled “Part 2: (the person’s name or role) Memory,” i.e. “Jack’s Memory” or “My Sister’s Memory.”

4. A section labeled “Part 3: Analyzing the Discrepancies”

*Don’t forget you should have several APA in-text citations in the body of your paper and at least one full APA reference (your textbook) at the end of your paper. You may choose to cite other scholarly sources in addition to your textbook. 


To view the grading rubric, click on the “snowman” icon (otherwise known as the vertical ellipsis) on the top right and select “show rubric” or scroll to the bottom of this page. 

How to be Successful on your Psychology Applied Assignment

· Answer all the prompts and number/label your responses. This PA has multiple parts, and multiple questions within each part. You must answer each of the prompts.  Since it involves another person, get started on it as soon as possible. 

· Follow the rubric. The rubric gives you a detailed breakdown of points for each section. 

· Include references. You must include references to your textbook and appropriate APA-style citations and full reference(s).  You may include additional sources, but references to the text are mandatory.  

· Write in an academic style. While this assignment includes a personal memory, there should still be a formal, academic tenor to your writing with appropriate language, spelling, and grammar.  You can write in the first person but it should be a balance between personal recollection and integration of the course material.

· Include an image in your assignment. While a picture must be included, it does not need to be a picture of you or any people at all. It can be something scenic, abstract, or even a stock photo as long as it somehow relates to the memory you are describing. Canvas instructions on how to embed an image in your submission can be found here: 

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