Employee Wellness Project Look over the file and let me know what you think. Ask for any extra resources. MGMT 3812 Individual Project 100 points At

Employee Wellness Project Look over the file and let me know what you think. Ask for any extra resources. MGMT 3812 Individual Project

100 points


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Employee Wellness Project Look over the file and let me know what you think. Ask for any extra resources. MGMT 3812 Individual Project

100 points

At this point, you have a general understanding of the scope of Employee Wellness in an organization. This project is designed for you to expand your knowledge by developing a personal action plan for your own wellness program as well as a recommendation to your current or future employer.

Project requirements:

· Select an actual organization—this can be the company where you currently work or a company where you aspire to work one day.
· Write a 4-5 page paper—this report is divided into two sections. The first is your own personal wellness plan you plan to adopt and the second section is your recommendations for an organization to adopt a wellness program.
· Use 5 scholarly outside resources (other than your text). Use different sources than your Team Competition Paper.

· Use APA for in-text citations and references. (see www.apastyle.org if you need information or www.owl.english.perdue.edu, Perdue University’s online writing lab). Your paper should have appropriate citations and references.
· Use a cover page and put your project in a presentation sleeve.
· Use headings within your paper to separate, see APA for how to use headings appropriately.
· You will post your paper in the dropbox.

· Writing errors will count, proof carefully. Review the APA websites carefully.
· May be turned in early, but not late. Appropriate business terminology and content should be demonstrated.
· For Section #2, assume you are presenting this paper to the CEO and Board of Directors to encourage them to start a wellness program as part of their HR Benefits strategy or expand their current wellness program.

Outline For Project

Section One—Identify your own personal wellness needs. From the discussions, readings, and guest speakers, address the following about your current and projected wellness plan:
· Overall health awareness—use your results from the assessment in the course, first week activity (Content page—use the actual assessment I reviewed and marked)
· Current assessment (use the self-assessment as a source-take the assessment again and see if there are any changes)
Include your assessments with your paper so that your changes can be clear. Scan your assessments and include at the back of the paper.

· Current levels of healthy living components—exercise, nutrition, sleep, disease prevention strategies, assessment of heredity factors
· Personal Action Plan—What changes will you make? How will you change?
Be specific as to how you will implement these personal changes; how will you hold yourself accountable?

Section Two—Assume you are the HR Manager either at your current employer or an employer of your choice, make the case for why this organization should implement a wellness program and what components the program should include. Be specific as to the organization’s employees and their type of work. Include the following:

· Review of current health programs available
· Rationale of cost/benefit assessment
· Types of wellness programs needed—be specific in types of programs
· Estimated Implementation Issues—costs, facilities , third part providers needed

If the organization has a wellness program already, what changes should be made to encourage employee engagement and participation or to enhance overall results?

Make your report factual using your source materials as well as the content from the class. Incorporate charts and graphs to demonstrate your points clearly. The sources below may assist you, you are not limited to those resources.

Possible Resources (Note this is not a complete list, you will find others that are helpful and credible!)

· Fogelman Fit-www.memphis.edu/fcbe
· SHRM- Society for Human Resource Managers- www.shrm.org

· SHRM-Memphis—www.shrm-memphis.org
· BLR- Business and Legal Reports, Inc. www.blr.com

· ASTD- American Society for Training and Development- www.astd.org

· Department of Labor- www.dol.gov

· Bureau of Labor Statistics- www.bls.gov

· Occupational Safety & Health Admin.- www.osha.gov

· State of Tennessee- www.tennesseeanytime.org

· City of Memphis- www.memphistn.gov

· Memphis Regional Chamber- www.memphischamber.com

· HR-related websites or trade publications such as HR Magazine, Benefits Quarterly, Health Administration Quarterly, Benefits Quarterly, Risk Management, Strategic HR Review

· Health Related websites such as My Plate, USDA,
American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, Center For Disease Control/CDC, and other health-related websites (more specific sites to come)
· U of M Student Health Center—located on campus, www.memphis.edu/health

· Memphis Healthy U
· Memphis Healthy Common Table
· Memphis Business Group on Health
· Shelby County Health Department
· Common Table Health Alliance
· Wellness related community agencies focused on wellness

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