ENG both assignments down below Journal 2: Notice and Focus STEP 1: Find a passage about 10-12 sentences (if poetry, think more in terms of lines) long tha

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both assignments down below 

Journal 2: Notice and Focus

STEP 1: Find a passage about 10-12 sentences (if poetry, think more in terms of lines) long that you do not fully understand but also grabs your attention.  Carefully read and reread this selection before getting started.

Type the passage here

STEP 2:   Ask yourself, “What do I notice?”

Write down a list of at least five specific words, phrases, or other textual details that you notice from the passage that seem interesting, surprising, or strange. By textual features, I mean just about anything you see–including grammar, punctuation, and more typical literary features like metaphor, symbol, character, setting, etc. Be specific as you note these.

You do not have to explain or fully understand these features. An easy way for you do this is to use “interesting,” “revealing,”  or “surprising” as guides to your reaction.  (I found this moment strange–it’s easy to take a note with “Strange” in the margin)

 Answer here.

STEP 3: Ask yourself, “What do I find strange or confusing?”

Write down a list of at least three moments from the passage that you notice.  What makes each strange/confusing and why?

 Answer here.

STEP 4: Rank, in order, the features from steps 2 and 3 that from most interesting to least interesting.

 Answer here.

Step 5: Pick the top three items in your list for you to work on in your journal.  As you start to write, ask yourself, “Why is this interesting?” and “So what?” as you write. Start with one and write as much as you can, then on another until you have 600 words.  I want to see you think through the specific features you found above.  You can make connections to other parts of the text you read, but really focus in on the details in this specific passage as you work. 

Answer here.

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