Essy-Due In 20 Hours 5-6 pages about the semiotic analyse of hollywood film Global requirements Some of these requirements refer to our reading “The Holl

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Essy-Due In 20 Hours

 5-6 pages about the semiotic analyse of hollywood film  

Global requirements

Some of these requirements refer to our reading 
“The Hollywood Sign: The Culture of American Film.”

· Creatively and critically answer the questions on your selected prompt

· Choose your example films or shows strategically

· Introduce and summarize the plot and character composition of example films and/or tv shows 

· Introduce one or more authors from our texts, summarizing, quoting, and interacting with their ideas and theories; cite using proper MLA formatting

· Read the signs to determine the “connotative significance by situating it in a historically informed system of associated and differentiated signs” (443)

· In other words, tell your readers what the signs tell us about the value systems or attitudes of the popular audience and how this might relate to what was or is happening historically

· Consider the popularity of your examples in terms of 
critical acclaim and box office success or failure

· Consider evidence by 
“Reading Film Online” (449)

· Correct MLA formatting

· 5-7 pages in length

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