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School of Accounting and Commercial Law


Trimester Three 2021

Assignment 4: Excel

Marks will be given for satisfactory completion.



You are a new staff member in a small retail firm. The other employees have very limited technology skills, and the firm has no formal system for creating or recording purchases. Currently, they simply scribble purchase orders on random pieces of paper. Over the past several years, the firm has made many errors in recording its payables and many bills have not been paid on time.

Being an energetic and skilled new member of the firm, you offer to develop a Purchases system. You suggest that this system could be constructed using Excel, as this is a program currently in use on all the firm’s PCs and used by most employees. The system will allow for easy entry of purchase orders which can be mailed to vendors. The system will also keep track of payables and indicate when each account should be paid. You will include some internal controls (general and application controls) for this new system and make it user-friendly.



All requirements are to be included in one Excel file. Name your file as [yourfamilyname]_excel.xlsx.

1. Complete all instructions for Labs 2 & 3 (Excel):

a. Prepare a Purchase Order form, Valid Vendors list, and Price list (Parts A-C) and add FOUR controls;

(16 marks)

b. Respond to the questions in Part D (reproduced in abbreviated form below):

1. list the four controls that you added to the PO form or other sheets at the end of Lab 2 AND explain what each added control achieves.

(6 marks)


2. identify FOUR additional controls that should be included in this application. You do not need to implement these suggested controls. Write a brief explanation for each suggested control showing why it would be beneficial.

(8 marks)

Marks will be posted on Blackboard. This assessment is worth 30 marks in total (15% of your total course grade).

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