Hist Speech who is wu ai, shaman? M04 Assignment Instructions.html Module 6: ASSIGNMENTs INSTRUCTIONS 1. The Speech Individual students will have to

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who is wu ai, shaman?

M04 Assignment Instructions.html


1. The Speech 

Individual students will have to write a speech as outlined in their role sheet and present that speech to the class on the day their particular character speaks. So the due date varies based on who you are: The King, an Indeterminate (a court advisor), a Confucian traveling persuader, a Legalist traveling persuader, a Daoist/Naturalist traveling persuader, or a Legalist traveling persuader.

The reform groups that will form at the end of Session 4 will help the characters of Yan Ju and Li Yuan with suggestions as these two write and then present a reform plan in Session 5. 

Main assignment for the game: Your speech


The persuasive speech assignment should be at least 3 minutes long to 5 minutes at most. The written one should be at least 600 words and up to 1,000 words.


Your speech or letter should include the following content:

  1. A brief biography (though make sure to leave out secret information).
  2. Address the particular debate question assigned to your faction. (Details are on your role sheet)
  3. Use the texts relevant to your character to make your speech/letter. (quote and paraphrase).
    1. For example, The Master said, “quote from the Analects”…therefore I think we should x. 



You should cite your sources (either footnotes or in-text citations are accepted).

ex for footnote: Confucius, “Book 1.1” in The Analects in the Game Book for Game of Sages: Philosophy and Diplomacy in 223 CE China edited by Catris and Goss, p. 28. 

abb. footnote: Confucius, “Book 1.2”, Game Book, p. 28. 

in text: (Confucius, Game Book, p. 28)


Some of the debates, the alliance building, and discussion of the issues will continue to take place in Slack’s public forum or by Direct Messages with other characters, or in private forums based on your factions. 

Don’t forget to upload the written assignment on D2L.

2. The Reflection paper:

This can be the usual length (at least 250 words). You will need to write and explain who you were in the Game and the choices you made in the game. Finally, what did you learn?

How You Will Be Graded

The speeches will be graded according to the following criteria:

  • Proper use of the primary sources relevant to your role. 
  • Persuasiveness of the letter and speech.
  • Citations

You will also be graded according to the following criteria: 

  • Oratory skills
  • Creativity* 
  • Persuasiveness of speech or letter. Use as much evidence as possible from relevant sources (philosophies)

*You are free to be as creative as you want. But be careful. Check with me if you have any doubt. 

Good examples of creativity: 

A student who played a military specialist made an armor out of old license plate. 

A student used an app that created an animated cartoon character dressed in the style of Warring States era. 

Bad Example: 

Intentional or non-intentional racial stereotyping. (Like yellowface) e.g. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/dec/23/yellowface-discrimination-asians-prejudice-racism

Due Date

The written speech or letter will be due on D2L by Wednesday 11:30 pm (for those who present on Tuesday) and by Friday 11:30 pm for those who present on Thursday. Your oral and written speeches are the same. The content should not differ. Same work but two formats. 

Refer to the “Course Schedule” for specific dates. 

How to Submit Your Assignment

Saving your file

  1. Save your assignment as a Word or Pdf document. 
  2. Include your name inside the document.

How to Submit the Written Speech

  1. Click on “Assessments” located on the navigation bar at the top of the page to open the dropdown menu.
  2. Click on “Assignments.”
  3. Select the assignment for this module.
  4. Upload your assignment.
  5. Double check you uploaded the right file.
  6. Submit it.

If you are welcome to record some of your public debate responses for Slack:

  1. Create your recorded response
  2. go to YouTube
  3. Upload your recorded response as an unlisted video: Here’s a tutorial on how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOr7JluzEOM
  4. Double check you uploaded the right file.
  5. Copy the link to your recorded response and post it in the appropriate Slack Channel (for most of you it will be the channel titled “Court of the King of Chu”).

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