I Need A Short Answer Regarding Information System I need a short answer about half a page regarding Information System along with the datas required by th

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I need a short answer about half a page regarding Information System along with the datas required by the question. Company can be imagained by yourself accordingly by providing its type and services and databases used.

Group 38: James Fryer, Shereen Fustok, Jinwook Hur, Carlos Medina, David Nelson

Business Idea Statement for The Cloud Runner

Our idea is to bring an eco-friendly, sustainable, and affordable comfort shoe called The
Cloud Runner to people in Gainesville, FL.We target teenagers, young adults, and parents who
care about eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives. Our revenue streams are local sponsorship
deals, advertising through social media, asset sales in-store, asset sales online, and a
subscription option. The subscription option would provide people with a free pair of shoes per
year and heavily discounted replacements. The idea also involves channel mapping for the
brand by distributing only the base models through existing national and regional retail outlets
such as DSW, DTLR, and Finish Line. We would also distribute through local shoe businesses
in Gainesville such as Rack-Room and Show Carnival.

The company will value customers through an eco-friendly brand with the use of AI to
design the perfect shoe for each customer. Our company will be value-driven with a focus on
only producing shoes based on what the customers want instead of overproducing while staying
competitive with other eco-friendly companies. Engaging with the local customers around
Gainesville is one of our top priorities as a company. Additionally, we want to bring opportunities
to healthcare workers, students, and local farmers who own sheep and supply the wool to
create the shoes. The fixed-costs will include any intellectual resources such as proprietary
knowledge of footwear and comfort as well as physical resources, which includes manufacturing
facilities. Our variable costs will include the materials used to make the shoes such as hemp
and pineapple as well as sustainable materials from local recyclable plastic and cardboard

All of the activities would be done through efficient supply chain management, expanded
distribution channels, avid product testing, and enhanced retail and online platforms.

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