Journal 10 need help Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is a management concept that many companies adopt to integrate social and environmental concerns

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Journal 10

need help

Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR is a management concept that many companies
adopt to integrate social and environmental concerns
in their business operations and interactions with
their stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Many companies practice a multifaceted version of
CSR that ranges from pure philanthropy to
environmental sustainability to the active pursuit of
shared value (creating economic value in ways that
also create value for society). Their activities include:
§ Focusing on philanthropy and giving back to non-

profits and community organizations
§ Reducing resource use, waste, or emissions to

lower costs and improve operational effectiveness
§ Developing or redesigning new products and

services that benefit the society.
§ Transforming existing or creating new business

processes and models using CSR principles

CSR Examples
§ Reducing the supply chain impact on carbon footprint
§ Reducing resource consumption in factory and office
§ Conducting business (e.g. meeting, travel) in an environmentally

responsible manner
§ Eco-designing products that use recycled or repurposed materials

and can be decomposed or disassembled in the end of the useful
product life

§ Establishing an ethics charter against corruption and having a good
governance system

§ Developing an ethical supply chain to fight against child labor or
unfair wages in every supply chain partner

§ Integrating inclusion and diversity in HR
§ Establishing prevention/health and well-being programs at work in

the company
§ Raising consumer awareness about responsible consumption
§ Allowing/encouraging employees to share their knowledge, skills,

and time for non-profit and community organizations
§ Supporting and participating in humanitarian programs

Social Enterprises
Social enterprises are organizations that address a
basic unmet need or solve a social or environmental
problem through a market-driven approach.
q More companies are paying attention to social inequality

and create/join programs that advocate for social justice.
q Many entrepreneurs build companies to promote social



• A new breed of
companies were
created with
social justice in

• Many existing
companies have
joined forces to
fight inequality
in society.

Certified B Corporations

Certified B Corporations
are a new kind of business
that balances purpose and
profit. They are legally
required to consider the
impact of their decisions
on their workers,
customers, suppliers,
community, and the

Warby Parker

A Social Entrepreneur saw opportunities to cut the
middleman in prescription eyeglasses then passed
the benefits to those in need.

Warby Parker’s New Supply Chain

Poverty Tax

Poverty Tax or Ghetto Tax: poor people pay higher
prices per unit because they buy small packages in
neighborhoods that lack competition. They also pay
more for financial services, appliances, and groceries.

Algramo’s Streamlined Supply Chain

TOMS Shoes

Toms’ business model is
known as the “one for one
concept” model, which is
referring to the company’s
promise to deliver a pair of
free shoes to a child in
need for every sale of their
retail product.


Starbucks is committed to buying 100%
ethically sourced coffee. They share
research and resources through their
Farmer Support Centers located in coffee-
producing countries around the world to
improve productivity and sustainability.

IKEA Builds Better Shelter


Neil Young urges Spotify
workers to quit their jobs
before the company ‘eats
up your soul,’ and says CEO
Daniel Ek ‘is your big
problem — not Joe Rogan.’

Discussion Questions

Please research the following questions and
provide evidence to support your answers.
Everyone: Explain the poverty tax. Do we have it in the
U.S.? How can we get rid of it with the lessons we
learned in OM?
Everyone: What are the operational challenges for
companies like Warby Parker and Toms Shoes in their
charity efforts? How would you identify the needs then
deliver products to meet these needs?
Everyone: Do you have an idea of doing good while
doing well? How can you make it feasible?

Group Discussion
Be sure your group is ready to lead and/or
discuss the following question in class, with
research or facts-based evidence.
There are many admirable companies actively
engaged in CSR. Find one good example and
analyze their efforts from an OM perspective.
Discuss how their work can be replicated by other
businesses. Be sure to cover as many areas as we
have discussed in the course.

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