Legislation Affecting Early Childhood Education Education homework help

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As an early childhood education professional, there will be many times that you will need to refer to Websites for information and research. In Module 01 you started an Early Childhood Education Resource Guide. This guide will serve as a helpful tool to support your work in the early childhood field. In this module you will create a new reference sheet for your guide.

For this assignment:

1. Update your reference sheet to add at least five (5) Websites or other sources of information about legislation affecting early childhood education or resources that would help in understanding the legislative process.

2. Provide a 5-6 sentence description of each source.

Scoring Rubric: Module 03 ECE Resource Guide Assignment – Legislation Affecting Early Childhood Education

· Criteria: The research reference sheet lists at least 5 Websites or other online sources of information about legislation affecting early childhood education or resources that would help understand the legislative process: Points: 20

· Criteria: Each source has a 1-2 sentence description: Points: 20

Total: 40

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