MODULE 1.2 – Discussion Nursing homework help

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MODULE 1.2 – Discussion


  1. Click and read the Case Study below and post answers.
  2. Answers must: 
    • Be 100 words or more
    • Use the stand English grammar and spelling
    • References are cited (if necessary)

NUR4636 – Community Health Nursing

Case Study

Chapter 3

Setting the Stage for Community Health Nursing

At the community health care agency, the assigned nurse reviews with the assigned

student the conceptual foundations and core functions of community health practice

that are integrated into the various roles and settings of community health nursing.

After working at the agency for the day, the student has to prepare an oral report

to present to the class the next day.

1. What are the three core public health functions that are basic to community

health nursing?

2. There are seven different roles of the community health nurse. What are the

seven different roles of the community health nurse?

3. The role of manager is a critical role for the community health nurse. What is

involved in the role of manager within the framework of public health nursing


4. There are seven settings in which community health nurses practice. What

are the seven settings and provide a brief description of the settings in which

community health nurses practice?

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