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  1. Click and choose one (1) Case Study below and post answers.
  2. Answers must: 
    • Be 100 words or more
    • Use the stand English grammar and spelling
    • References are cited (if necessary)
    • APA style

NUR4636 – Community Health Nursing

Case Study

Chapter 2:

History and Evolution of Community Health Nursing

During the student nurses’ first lecture in their community health nursing course,

the specialty of community health was reviewed historically with students. The

students received information about the contributions of selected nursing leaders

throughout history to the advancement of community health nursing. Societal

influences on the development and practice of community health nursing were

included in the lecture. At the end of the lecture, students were requested to

prepare a one page summary about the lecture that included answers to several


1. The specialty of community health nursing developed historically through

four stages. What was the major advancement for community health nursing

in each of the four stages?

2. What is the impact of societal influences on the development and practice of

community health nursing?

3. What are examples of the academic and advanced professional preparation of

community health nursing?

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