New Works 08/03 Work #1: (Subject: Digital Forensics) Gather all final project material: final paper (A 500-700 word (2-3 pages), double spaced paper,

New Works 08/03 Work #1: (Subject: Digital Forensics)
Gather all final project material:

final paper (A 500-700 word (2-3 pages), double spaced paper,

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New Works 08/03 Work #1: (Subject: Digital Forensics)
Gather all final project material:

final paper (A 500-700 word (2-3 pages), double spaced paper, written in APA format, showing sources and a bibliography)
Create a single archive (zip not RAR) – attach here and submit

Note: Please find the final project topic and abstract attachments

Work #2: (Marketing Strategies)
APA formatting is required along with a cover page and a resource page which is not included in the final page count.

The final paper should be approximately 10-12 pages.
It should consist of the information from your milestone papers along with information from our discussion board postings.
Feedback from the Milestone papers must be incorporated
All key components of a marketing plan must be represented.
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Company Overview/Executive Summary
New Product or Redefined Product Summary (why is this important to introduce now?  How does it support the mission, vision, and core values?
Competitor Analysis and Identifiable Gaps
Target Market Determination
The use of e-commerce and social media
The marketing mix
The promotional mix
Consumer buying behavior
The impact of the pandemic on the company’s approach to sales and marketing
Product Lifecycle including the graph
Measurements of success, metrics
Resource Page

Note: Final Paper approved company is “LG Company” and product line is “Home Appliances”. Also, find the three milestone papers attachments previously prepared for this.

 Final Marketing Plan PowerPoint

No more than 5 slides.
Think about how you would present the idea of your new or redefined product to your CEO.  You have a limited amount of time and must hit on the high points. Running Head: ABSTRACT 1


Week 12 Project Abstract
Student’s Name: Ruthvik Reddy Gidde
Institution: New England College
Date: 07/29/2021

Technology has greatly changed each aspect of individuals’ lives, together with the resolving of crimes in the criminal justice system. These advancements in technology have made solving crimes simple and easy. Forensic tools and technology are used in the forensic science process to produce samples and proof to resolve offenses. Some of the measurements that are utilized in this process include dealing with body fluids, analyzing drugs or chemicals, DNA identification, fingerprinting, and analysis of evidence. There are several forensic tools and technologies that are used in the criminal justice system today, and they include Phenom desktop SEM, alternative light photography, digital surveillance for gaming equipment, facial reconstruction, and DNA sequencing. Other technologies consist of high-powered microscopes, 3D scanners, drug testing, link analysis software, and automated fingerprint identification (Prasanthi, 2016). The Phenom SEM is considered the most appropriate instrument for forensic experts since it is easy to apply, fast, and a high-quality imaging device with the additional capacity of defining basic composition. Through that, experts are able to solve criminal cases reliably and quickly.
There are certain advantages and disadvantages in relation to forensic tools and technology because this field is relatively new, and criminal cases are normally addressed with physical evidence. The primary advantage of forensic tools and technologies is the capability to search and examine a collection of data proficiently and quickly (Umar, Riadi, & Zamroni, 2018). Experts are enabled to look out for keywords in a hard drive in various languages, which is significant since cyber-crimes can easily go beyond the internet. The valued information that has been lost and deleted by criminals may be recovered, which becomes significant evidence in judicial courts. Additionally, the use of reports acquired by forensic tools is important because one can easily trace back the originality of data. Nevertheless, forensic tools and technologies have some disadvantages, such as high costs of recovering data and inadvertent disclosure of privileged documents. Other limitations include suffering some volatility and tampering with reports prior to the investigation.
Prasanthi, B. V. (2016). Cyber forensic tools: a review. International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT), 41(5), 266-271.
Umar, R., Riadi, I., & Zamroni, G. M. (2018). Mobile forensic tools evaluation for digital crime investigation. Int. J. Adv. Sci. Eng. Inf. Technol, 8(3), 949.

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