NIKE – Financial statement ratio analysis INTRODUCTION TO B

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NIKE – Financial statement ratio analysis INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS



In order to evaluate your understanding of the business process, you are asked to assume the role of business consultants. In this role, you will research a company of your choice and write a compelling analysis with recommendations on how the company can improve its current position in the industry. You can work individually or on a team of up to 3 students.
The company analysis consists of 1 required section, Section #1 Introduction and External Environment Analysis. You can earn extra credit by submitting additional sections (Sections #2, #3, and/or #4). All sections are detailed below. You will submit each section by the dates specified on Blackboard. In the analysis, you will provide some background information, analyze each section, and provide recommendations. The focus of this assignment is on your recommendations. Based on the analysis you’ve conducted, what do you suggest the company should do to improve? Therefore, the recommendations should be at least 1 page in length.
Use correct APA formatting for citations, Times New Roman 12-point font, and include a reference list. Either single or double line spacing is acceptable. If working on a team, include a title page with all team members’ names listed. Each person MUST submit the assignment on Blackboard to earn a grade.

Required – Section #1: 2-3 pages not including your references. Worth up to 200 points.

Optional – Sections #2, #3, and #4: 1-2 pages per section not including your references. Earn up to 20 points of extra credit per section.

SECTION #1 – Introduction and External Environment Analysis (Required – 200 points) o Company background – Brief overview
o Current form of business ownership – Sole proprietorship, LLC, etc.
o External environment analysis of each factor
Questions to consider: Do you recommend a change in the form of business ownership? Why or why not? How would that change benefit the company? What should the company do about past, current, and future impacts from the external environment?

SECTION #2 – Management (Optional – 20 points extra credit)

o Key leaders and their impact on the company
o Discuss good and bad public decisions management has made
Questions to consider: How do you think management is doing? What changes can be made with respect to management (leadership style, sources of power, ability to adapt, etc.) that may positively impact the company’s potential for success?

SECTION #3 – Marketing (Optional – 20 points extra credit) o Target market
o Identify the competitive advantage
o Marketing mix – Discuss the 5Ps
Questions to consider: How would the changes you’ve discussed in the external environment affect the marketing mix?

SECTION #4 – Financial Statements Ratio Analysis (Optional – 20 points extra credit)

o Refer to your textbook section 14.7 Analyzing Financial Statements
o Must include full table of ratio analysis and discussion

My instruction: So, remember when you completed the company analysis assignment? Well, those instruction are above. And you are NOT doing this. You’ve also completed the marketing section 3 for me as well. However, you asked me to attach the company analysis assignment you completed last time you worked on the marketing assignment, so I attached it for you again. – because it deals with NIKE (you are writing about this but over financial statements)
Please let me know if the link does not work, this is vital this section 4 assignment, as you must go into 14.7 paragraph. 1 page please.

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