One discussion and one assignment I need 200 words Initial post and one reply in the discussion In the assignment, I need 400 words Unit 2 Discussion Topi

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I need 200 words Initial post and one reply in the discussion

In the assignment, I need 400 words

Unit 2 Discussion Topic

Using the web or any other available resources, please answer the following questions in your own words. Please reference any work cited.

Summarize the principles of crime-scene reconstruction, measures taken while securing, recording an searching the crime scene and the personnel involved. How would you determine the area of convergence? Furthermore, explain the types of bloodstain splatter patterns.  


Relate it to a crime that was recently in the news and explain how these measures were taken. Is there anything law enforcement or forensic scientist could have done more to help find the criminal?  

Unit 2 Round Table Article Assignment:


The round table discussions are meant to give you an opportunity to explore forensic  cases past and present that bring to light various investigative techniques. You will choose a case from either newspapers, digital media, criminal justice journals and organizations. The New York Times, The Innocence Project and Science Direct are a few examples of resources. Please make sure the article/case you pick pertains to the chapter/chapters we are focusing on this week! 

Once you locate an article , highlight the investigative components of the cases. Then provide your thoughts about the cases. Finally, make sure as with all of your discussions provide references.

Each round table article should be between 400-500 words (approximately 2 pages double spaced). These articles are not required every week, so pay attention to the due dates. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how these cases were solved. The innocence project will especially evoke a great deal of conversation. Students often find this one of the most rewarding part of the course even though it’s a writing assignment.

If you need any help either getting started with the articles or writing, please email me. I am here to help.

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