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Personal Goal and Objectives: Personal goals and objectives are centered on improvement the quality of our practice improvement project based upon healthcare in a nursing environment and or improving the institutional healthcare environment in interprofessional delivery model. The patient, a problem and or a population are the target audience. Interventions are based upon the specific problem to resolve. The evidence is gathered once a patient, a problem or a population needs improvement. The data is reflected on improving standard, a policy, a procedure, a protocol to improve practice. The outcome is measured as a result of established evidence-based interventions to improve the overall quality of healthcare delivery.

This assignment should be 2-3 pages of the body with 3-5 references in APA 7th edition format.

Use this example to enhance your understanding of the goals and objectives for the course.

Example: Improve the family call back status for patients with COVID19 unit-based intervention primary or tertiary environment.

Observed how long it took to respond to families and how many calls families were making in a day.

Ask unit nurses to appoint one family member who will be called a specific hour.

Institute the family response intervention for a week.

Measure family calls in a week to evaluated improvements

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