Racism as Global Discussion Week 04b Racism as Global Session Slides (Links to an external site.) Again, as we said in the last module, ethniciti

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Week 04b Racism as Global

Session Slides

(Links to an external site.)

Again, as we said in the last module, ethnicities and cultures have always existed, and while they have often and generally coexisted in good relationship with one another, there have also been conflicts and periods of ethnocentrism where one ethnic group claims power and rights over other ethnic groups. With the rise of contemporary racism, the subjugation, exploitation, and erasure of ethnic groups has only increased globally. Here are three examples of racism and ethnocentrism happening at a global level.

As you watch each video, please consider your own connections to these stories. Are these mirrors or windows for you? What did you know about each of these situations before? What does it means to reconcile what you knew or didn’t know before with what is shared in these stories? What is the work you need to do to further you learning and understanding about the global system of racism and ethnocentrism?

Post what you are ready to post, and read and respectfully respond to others.

Central Asia

South Asia

Latin America

The Middle East



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(Links to an external site.)

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(Links to an external site.)

Parvaneh, D. & Chakraborty, R. (2019). How the British failed India and Pakistan. Vox.com.


(Links to an external site.)

Salhab, A. (2020). On the Palestinian experience of British colonialism. Channel 4 News.


(Links to an external site.)

Sudworth, J. (2018). China’s hidden camps. BBC News.


(Links to an external site.)

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