Replies One For Each Discussion Total 2 One Reference .Discussion Attached Top of Form Ivette Fernandez   Publications of Research Findings Research f

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Replies One For Each Discussion Total 2 One Reference .Discussion Attached Top of Form

Ivette Fernandez


Publications of Research Findings

Research findings are instrumental for the necessary implementations, especially if focuses on health. Accordingly, this research will play a significant role in key decisions in patient care transition, which has been a great concern in the recent past. The findings of studies can only be effective if they are effectively disseminated to the right population. Therefore, publication and distribution of research findings play a critical role in enhancing the implementations of the findings and recommendations (Zazzera, Ferrara & Tozzi, 2021). However, it is imperative to understand the extent to which the information is shared. The ethical considerations must be observed throughout the process of sharing findings. For instance, personal identifies of the participants in the study should be protected to avoid any legal challenges in court.

I would present this finding to a professional healthcare body such as the CDC to validate the findings and publish them to reach the greatest population. More often than not, the choice of the publishing house plays a critical role in achieving the goal of reaching the target population. I would present the findings through a summarized PowerPoint presentation that gives the details of the findings (Milton, 2019). The summary will focus on the key points of the study findings and provide visual aids to explain some points in the study.

The population involved in the study were patients who had various health issues that the study found relevant for this study. It was therefore, imperative that they are used in this study to increase its validity. The publisher of the research has the obligation to ensure that all the details that were obtained from the study. The publication of the research should aim at promoting responsible patient care transition, detailing the role of each stakeholder in the process of patient care transition.


Milton, C. L. (2019). Ethics and the reporting of research findings. Nursing science quarterly, 32(1), 23-24.

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Zazzera, A., Ferrara, L., & Tozzi, V. D. (2021). Care transition for complex patients: a framework to analyse and develop the Operating Centres for Transition. Journal of Integrated Care.


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Noralina Almora

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Claudia Calderin





The most crucial point to spread the information correctly is to select a good conference and to observe if the audience is going to be interested in the presented topic. Besides personal reasons of location and available time, one should look for the conference’s opportunity to have proper exposure. Another thing that can get the audience’s attention is to design a good poster to have an idea about the items to be presented (Reay, 2014). The information needs to be appropriately organized with Title, introduction, method, results, analysis, and discussion headings. Also, graphics should be there. But it all depends on how the information is written in a more straightforward language, so it would also be easy for an ordinary person to understand the article’s central issue being discussed.

The information should be organized and should sync with what one has to say about the presentation. Adding the graphics makes it easier to remember the crucial information. But nothing will not work unless the audience is interested enough in the presented topic (Reay, 2014). When the audience is not interested, then the presentation should be made to enhance the audience’s interest and get them involved in the process. The article does not get proper exposure unless presented to an adequate audience interested in the topic. They want to know what is going on about the case in which they are interested. Only then a person gets to know what the research is about, its direction, and the research gap to do further work in the relevant field.

The podium presentation and posters are the main factor of conversations to make the information exchange more energizing and valuable. But they cannot be taken as a substitute for personal work as the publication can reach a more significant and broader audience, and the job gets recorded permanently (Tappan, 2015). Funders also have a critical role to play in the process. The researchers must inform the funders about what they had achieved and the amount spent on that. Sometimes the funders also want to be part of publishers, so their wish should also be respected. 

Also, the publication must be translated into some simple language to be understandable for the ordinaryperson (Hangel, 2017). Also, the results should be evaluated before publication by the seniors so that the improvements can be made promptly. The article should be appropriately outlined and published in the relative journal to make it more accessible for the readers to look for the information they need (Tappan, 2015). The research needs to be started with a straightforward question that would give the readers an idea about what they should expect in the article. The article contributes to the related knowledge, so it has to be adequately told persuasively. A research paper fills a gap only to some extent, and to get a better understanding, one should read many documents related to a topic.


Reay, T. (2015). Publishing qualitative research. Family Business Review, 27(2), 95–102.

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Hangel, N., & Schmidt-Pfister, D. (2017). Why do you publish? On the tensions between generating scientific knowledge and publication pressure. Aslib Journal of Information Management.


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