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HSCO 511

Reflection Paper Assignment Instructions


The purpose of this assignment is for you to observe and analyze effective group leadership practices and reflect on your own group leadership skills. You will examine the content, process, dynamics, and therapeutic aspects of an anger management group along with the styles, skills, and techniques employed by the group leaders. You will then describe, analyze, and apply your observations in a short paper. By doing so, you will gain insight into group leader roles, behaviors, and responsibilities that are relevant for various human services contexts.


You will watch the video of the Anger Management Therapy Group led by Ed Jacobs and Christine Schimmel, available in Module 3, and write a 3–4 page (1,000–1,300 word) paper, not counting the title or reference pages (no abstract is necessary). Although you may use first person in the paper, it must otherwise be in current APA format. The paper must be submitted as a Word document and be well written; well organized; and free of grammar, spelling, or other writing errors. Address the following topics, integrating relevant ideas from both the Jacobs et al. and Forsyth texts in a meaningful way along with examples of your observations. Refer to specific group members by name, i.e. Matt (white t-shirt), Jessie (blue sweater), Luke (black t-shirt), Jen (white sweater), Adrian (black/gray hoodie), and Fran (green blouse). Use one paragraph each to address the topics below (subheadings are not expected).

1. The overall purpose of the group is to teach participants to better manage anger. What specific goal do the leaders appear to have in mind for this first session? Briefly describe the content. List all props used. Which one prop you think was most effective and why?

2. Describe the leadership style that was used. Additionally, the leaders demonstrated nearly all the basic group leadership skills identified in their text (i.e. Jacobs et al.). Analyze the three skills that you observed to be most effective with this group in terms of how/when they were employed and the resulting impact on the group.

3. As you watched this group transition from the beginning toward the working stage, what did you notice about the group dynamics and process? Analyze the participants’ engagement and the extent to which the session was therapeutic to them.

4. Other than the basic fact that the group would sit in a circle was it not for the camera, how could this session have been improved upon? What lost opportunities do you see for the leaders? How would you have led this group differently? In what ways does this session support a biblical view of persons. How might a biblical perspective be integrated in a group like this more intentionally? Examine new insights about yourself as an emerging group leader.

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