Trends in Information Technology Industry

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Trends in Information Technology Industry

Mahamadou Mahi Diallo
University of Maryland Global Campus
UCSP 615: Orientation to Graduate Studies
Sanchez Erin

New Trends in the IT Industry


With new technologies emerging and evolving around us every time, three new technology trends provide a more promising potential currently and in the future. The three top trends in the IT industry are identified as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, edge computing and Internet of Things (IoT). Technology in modern times is rapidly evolving thus enabling quick change and progress that until eventually shall be exponential (Adomavicius, Bucketed, Gupta, & Kauffman, 2008). This therefore calls for staying updated with the new trends in the expansive IT industry. And it therefore means having your eyes wide open on the skills necessary to securely land a job tomorrow as well as learn how to reach there.
The Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

AI remains one of the current IT trends simply because of its impacts on our daily lives and work. AI is applied in the area of image recognition, speech recognition, and apps that share ride details just to mention a few. Apart from these uses, AI will be useful in the analysis of various categories of interactions to establish what connections and insight exist and assist in the prediction of demand for services offered (Siau, & Wang, 2018). This could be applied in the hospitals to give the management a chance to come up with better decisions as regards resource allocation and detection of the consumer behavior patterns through real time data analysis that aims at driving revenues up and bettering of personalized experiences.
The AI growth will have positive effects on a wide number of sectors and result to new jobs in the areas of system development, programming, testing, and support among others. Again, machine learning is nowadays used in several industries, leading to a large demand for people with core skills. Predictions are that AI and machine learning will create a high number of jobs such as robot monitoring, data science and content curation thus making it a top trend to watch keenly in the present decade and century.

Edge Computing

Cloud computing is a mainstream technology especially with major industry players such Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Cloud computing adoption is growing faster and many businesses migrating to cloud solution. Edge technology emerges as the next trend expected to revolutionize how businesses handle their information in a more secure manner.
With the number of data organizations on the rise, the challenges of cloud computing are evidently noticeable in a number of situations. Edge computing comes in pace to offer solutions to the problems experienced through a mechanism to bypass the latency brought by the cloud computing cause (Shi, & Dustdar, 2016). Edge computing therefore can effectively be used to handle real time processing of critical and sensitive data even in the areas with poor connectivity to a centrally identified location thus edge computing acting as minor datacenters. Edge computing is not only meant to grow but create many jobs especially for the software engineers and DevOps Cloud Engineer

The Internet of Things (IoT)

As consumers, we are already consuming the benefits of IoT in so many ways at individual’s level. The businesses are also gaining immensely from the technology and will continue to gain much in the future. With the IoT, there is better safety, improved efficiency and decision-making on the part of businesses through data collection and analysis. IoT has increased the speed of medical care, and improved customer satisfaction never imagined before (Lee, & Lee, 2015).
The current benefits are only part of what IoT can offer. Forecasts suggests that in near future, more than 45 billion of IoT devices will be under active use globally and therefore creating a web of devices that are interconnected right from smartphones to home appliances such as kitchen equipment. The spending on the IoT is also expected to grow past 2 trillion in the year 2022 with the emergence of 5G likely to strongly drive the market growth in the years to come.

An Important Emerging Issue
in Information Technology Comment by Marsha Fortney: This is where Part 2 (due at the end of Week 3) begins.

In this section you will identify an emerging issue or problem within your industry. This could be one of your three trends, or it can be related to the industry. This section will be around 2-3 double-spaced pages.
Data security is the process of protecting data so that it is safe from those not authorized to access it and who can cause data the data corruption. The elements of data security include encryption of data, data hashing, and other major elements of protecting data in the various platforms and applications in diverse organizations. With advancement of technological trends, lots of data is handled on a daily basis and that exposing it to wrongful use by people without permissions to access it (Kumar, Raj, & Jelciana, 2018). Data security takes into account the levels of sensitivity of the datasets and other related compliance requirements. Through data security, an organization is not fully free from hackers but is step towards evaluating ad lowering the risks that come with handling and storage of data.
Importance of data security
Every organization in the world are keenly investing in IT cyber security capabilities so that they can secure their important assets. In every firm, a number of measures need to be implemented to ensure that data integrity is maintained and risks for data loss are reduced (Daya, 2013). There are a number of strategies that many firms are employing to ensure their data is secure and well maintained from illegal accesses and use.
Data encryption – All data held within the organizational networks should totally encrypted to prevent cybercriminals from deciphering the data anytime there is breach for the data. Securing all the data states means that no data is left vulnerable o attacks by hackers or even data corruption (Bhanot, & Hans, 2015).
Data backup to the cloud on a regular basis is another way to guard against data theft or corruption. When data is backed up in the cloud, it enables easy scalability and easy of expansion of the data storage to accommodate more data storage if need arises.
Password protection- Password control helps to safeguard data within the network. Password used for data storage should donor be used for other applications. The password should also be availed to those who need to access the stored data as part carrying their duties.

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