Tyson Foods Strategic Marketing Plan Company: Tyson Foods (focus on the Brand) STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN PART 1 FORMAT The strategic marketing plan should b

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 Company: Tyson Foods (focus on the Brand)


The strategic marketing plan should be written according to the following outline:

TITLE PAGE: To include student name as well as the company and product name.

TABLE of CONTENTS (Include the title of each section and sub-section and the page number)

SECTION 1: Company mission/vision/values or other indicators of a market driven organization

SECTION 2: Current marketing situation

Internal factors

  •  Analysis of company’s current offerings
  •  Analysis of financial results
  •  Analysis of key business relationships
  •  Analysis of core competencies
  •  Analysis of current customers
  •  Competitive Analysis

External factors

  •  Demographic trends
  •  Economic trends
  •  Environmental trends
  •  Technological Trends
  •  Political-Legal/Regulatory Trends
  •  Social-Cultural Trends

SWOT Analysis

SUMMARY OF CURRENT SITUATION: emphasis on main conclusions, predictions and inferences drawn from analysis, not a repeat of facts presented in the data.

SECTION 3: TARGET MARKET: A full description of the market segment selected as the target market for the strategic marketing plan, why it represents a uniquely different market segment from other market segments and why it represents a growth opportunity for the company. Also discuss the positioning strategy to be used.

SECTION 4: STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN OBJECTIVES: To include at least two strategic, quantifiable and time bound objectives for the product/market situational. The objectives must be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-related.

REFERENCES: Be sure to include your references as well as your footnotes, as appropriate, using APA.


All strategic marketing plans should be prepared in MS Word format using a 12-point typeface (Times New Roman), double spaced with no more than inch margins. There are no minimum or maximum page counts, but brevity is appreciated. Adequately address each section of the Marketing Plan; however, if Part 1 is longer than 20 pages, it should be reviewed to determine if all the material is necessary.

Please be sure to note the beginning number of each section and the name of each section in your strategic marketing plan.

Graphs and charts are excellent ways to present data and their use is encouraged as is the use of exhibits to provide additional information that does not necessarily belong in the main body of your marketing plan.

A number one reason why papers are marked down is that the content doesn’t make sense and the writing is sub par. You will be graded on composition and grammar as well as citations. Your facts won’t come from thin air, but a lot of that research work will already have been done in the individual writing assignment. Be sure it transfers to your marketing plan.

Refer to the grading rubric for specific grading guidelines and be sure to review it prior to submission to maximize your grade potential.

MRKT 495 Strategic Marketing Management

Competitive Analysis Worksheet

Company/Product Name

(Ex. Ford/Focus)

Criteria 1: Annual Revenue

(Billion Dollars)

Criteria 2: Sales Growth (%)

Criteria 3: Number of


The Coca-Cola Company




Mondelez International, Inc.




Archer-Daniels-Midland Company




Tyson Foods, Inc.




Competitive Positions*


Basis for Position (e.g. product leadership, cost leadership, innovation, core competencies, etc.)

Market Leader

Archer-Daniels-Midland Company

Strong operational capabilities: Archer-Daniels-Midland (ADM) forges every link in the food chain from field to processing to store. ADM also has a solid global transportation network (Hoovers, 2021).

Market Challenger

Tyson Foods, Inc.

Global Customer base: Tyson Foods serves a strong and wide clientele ranging from wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and institutional customers such as schools and hospitals catering in more than 145 countries (Hoovers, 2021)

Market Follower

The Coca-Cola Company

Billion Dollar Brands: Coca-Cola is a leading beverage company serving consumers worldwide. The company has over 500 brands in its portfolio comprising 21 billion-dollar brands, which strengthen and enable it to launch new products and facilitate its foray into new markets (Hoovers, 2021)

Market Nicher

Mondelez International, Inc.

Manufacturing Network: An efficient manufacturing network strengthens the company’s operational efficiency. It also helps the company gain operational synergy and enables it to efficiently serve its consumers (Hoovers, 2021)


Each criteria for your competitive analysis must be a quantifiable number found in a reputable source and documented in your report.

You should have one market leader, but other three companies/product can all be followers, or a combination of challengers/followers or nichers. Your basis should fully explain your choices and further detailed in your written report.

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