Urgent Write 2 pages of revisions by seeing the final prompt and my classmates opinion of what revisions should I do and do the craft analysis of 2 pages.

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Urgent Write 2 pages of revisions by seeing the final prompt and my classmates opinion of what revisions should I do and do the craft analysis of 2 pages. I don’t need any change in the original essa. Sidhu 1

Ha Sidhu
October 14, 2021
Desire to Do More
The world is battling an unknown, deadly foe, attempting to create a decent rapport with the virus’s devastation. For some writers, the only way forward is to put pen to paper and try to imagine and describe what it’s like to live in a world where nations are on lockdown and normal life appears to have come to a halt. Many health specialists believe the coronavirus strain originated in bats or pangolins. Humans were the first to get infected in Wuhan, China. Since then, the virus has mostly spread through person-to-person contact. 
As each person throughout the nation struggled during the pandemic trying to stay positive during such an anxious time while searching for their true purpose, my experience was no different. As the lockdown of Spring 2020 hit, it was an experience that words cannot express, it was so bizarre to think that being confined within the walls of our home would affect us so deeply, giving us such anxiety. Things are much more distinct now than they were previously. I could sense some fear when supermarket stores ran out of toilet paper and bottled water, and local stores, banks, restaurants, public parks were closed, schools/colleges were shut down and moved to online learning due to the restrictions by our governor Gavin Newsom. I remember people panicking about groceries, bills, mortgages when the fear of almost losing their jobs became visible. As many people struggled with their jobs, I was one of the many. I took a couple of days off from work. It was my birthday and wished to spend time with family. The memory of that day remains very vivid to me. The lockdown was the same day as my birthday, my mind was filled with anxiety, as I thoughts about my job schedule and security kept bothering me. To put my mind at ease, I finally decided to call my boss about the schedule.
ME: Hi, “what is my schedule for this week?” 
BOSS: Hey Harleen, “I forgot to message you”. “You don’t have to show up this week”. “Only the weekends from now on”.  “Gaby and John will be taking care from Mon – Fri”. 
ME: “Only weekends”. “I signed up for 30 hours a week”. 
BOSS: Yeah! “But I can’t give you more hours”. “Because of the lockdown we are not getting much business and we cannot afford to pay our staff as before” 
ME: Okay, I understand! “See you on Saturday”
As I hung up the phone, it took a few seconds before I could realize the reality. I tried to calm myself and remain positive hoping everything would go back as before and I would get my regular hours, but I wasn’t able to remain so optimistic for so long. As multiple bills came through the mail, and a quick glance at my bank account reflected the insufficient balance had turned my fears into reality. At a very young age, I had adopted an independent lifestyle. I worked enough to provide for my needs as well as help out my family with their bills and needs. The fact that I would have to ask for financial help from my parents filled me with anxiety and shame, although I knew my father would never refuse anything to me. With a quivering voice, I asked my dad: 
ME: Dad, “I need some money to pay my car payment”
DAD: “Okay no problem, you can have it, how much do you need?”
ME: “$700 or more. Dad, I’m not getting enough hours at work but I will return you the money when I have enough” 
DAD: “It’s okay you don’t have to. Ask me for more if you need”
I hugged him and said, “Thank you dad”. I walked out with such relief and a smile on my face and paid all my bills. The tension was still there for the upcoming months, I couldn’t ask my dad all the time. I started looking for a new job on indeed. Most of the fast-food restaurants were closed and it was extremely hard to put a foot in a shoe. One day I approached one of my friends for help, she was working as a Nurse at the community hospital. She advised me to look for a job in healthcare, but I ignored it. My plans after graduation were in fact to work in a hospital, but as a healthcare administrator, I never approached the healthcare or medical aspect of it. I ignored it at first. Then, I realized most of the people are working from home or are jobless but only healthcare workers are working, as healthcare workers with direct patient care contact are in very high demand due to the pandemic and I could easily fill a spot. I immediately started my research about a course they offer in Fresno. Phlebotomy, “what is it?” I searched, “oh, they draw blood for blood tests”. “Interesting, I can’t do that, I can never do it” First negative thoughts filled my mind, I asked myself “what else I can’t do? sit home asking my boss to increase my hours” I have to do it. I have no choice, at least try. 
The next day, I looked up available classes. There were 2 classes available one, from Mon-Fri 7 am to 4 pm for 3 weeks and other only Saturday 8 am to 5 pm for 4 months. I decided to go to Mon- Fri for 3 weeks. “I need to complete this class as soon as possible, and apply for jobs”. I signed up for class and finished submitting all the paperwork. May 4th, 2020, I started my first day, it was harder than I even thought. I was nervous, lost with medical terminology, and didn’t understand anything. when I got back home, I cried to my mom. She’s always very positive about everything and will always be helpful. Mom, “I don’t understand anything, I can’t do this”. With a smile, she said, “You got this, Since, you already signed up for the class. Do it”. I went to my room crying and thinking about dropping the class but at the back of my head, I knew I had no other choice. I showered and had my dinner with my mom. I went back to my room to read the chapters for homework. The words started making sense when I read the chapters over and over again. The next morning, I went to the class prepared and everything started to make sense. I made a study pattern that helped me with chapters, I would read them before the teacher read in class. Everything was cleared. A week later, when I came home. My mom asked, “how is your class going? I hope you know how to draw blood now?” I replied with a smile feeling so proud of myself, “Yes, I drew 7 of my classmates yesterday, and I will be doing more tomorrow and just one more week I will be done”. She replied, “great! I’m glad everything’s working out for you”. I could sense how proud she was of me through her words and her warm smile. 
Weeks passed by; it is the last day in class. Mr. Fixel started the class with the final test and was preparing us for the state exam. I was nervous to take the final because it was the big grade counting towards the final grade in the class. In the end, he handed me my final exam and mentioned studying out of this paper for the State exam. I was shocked to see my grades in class. It was an A grade, “No way! for real” I asked, “Yes, you worked hard” Mr. fixel replied. 
After a week of studying, I took my state exam and passed it for the first time. Still in disbelief and extremely happy that I passed my state exam, I shared the news with my parents, and they were equally excited and proud of me and my achievement in the class. Within a month, I received my license. “I’m officially certified Phlebotomy Technician” I screamed in joy. There was no place for my happiness. I immediately shared my certification ‘Certified Phlebotomy Technician’ along with my trophy, graduate cap emoji on my social media. I got multiple comments from my friends and family members “congratulations” “so proud of you” “you did it”. I appreciated my hard work and moved on to the next stop: to find a job which was the ultimate goal. I updated my resume and started my search for a job. I struggled for about two months but finally got a call for an interview. I got selected at Community Medical Center.
 I been working there for about a year now with COVID-19 limitations.  I learned so much more about phlebotomy that was beyond my textbook curriculum and explore many other careers in healthcare. I still think about the time, when I was struggling to make ends meet with the minimum hours my job was providing for me with no job security. Without my family’s encourage and positivity I would not have been able to achieve my goals and been able to believe in myself to dream more. I would say it is the worst years of the century that has taught us, above all in life. What we are experiencing now must act as a desire to do more, to be present to those among us who are unable to do. We may and must be inspired by our own personal experiences of dreadful feelings from this pandemic and fight all odds to achieve our goals.

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