Virtual Exchange Watch Video

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Virtual Exchange

  1. Watch Video

2. Part One: Engagement 

3. Part Two: Analysis

4. Part Three: Reflection

1. Watch Video

2. Part One: Engagement 

200-word summary of Carlos Gomez Video


3. Part Two: Analysis

For the invited speaker, you will write a minimum 500-word essay about one of the company’s that Carlos Gomez worked in, currently works for or one of the analyses that he describes. You will need to cite at least one source. You can use a reputable website, news article, or business article. For example, you could look at the website for Baker Hughes or GE or a reputable website that discusses business growth in Brazil.  You need to be extending your knowledge on one of the topics that he discusses, not just summarizing what he said. 

4. Part Three: Reflection

For this paper, describe your experiences during the Virtual Exchange and what you have (or have not) learned by answering at least two of the following prompts:

· What was the most important thing you learned from this experience? 

· Describe any key changes that occurred in how you view the world. 

· What do you want to explore further as a result of this experience? 

· What surprised you? Why?

· Describe your own culture, traditions, and/or background, and explain how these individual or family traits have shaped your views of how you approached working collaboratively with your international peers.

· What elements (Canvas page, social networking, etc.) did you find most effective at learning and interacting with your international peer and why. What barriers or challenges did you and your group have to overcome (language, technology, etc.)?

· How has your global perspective changed or shifted (if at all) during this learning experience? 

· How did your cultural background influence your understanding of this course material and shape your experience? 

· Was there any aspect of this virtual exchange enhanced course that was stressful in any way? If so, please describe this challenge and what you learned from it? 

· If there is any additional thoughtful information you would like to provide in this essay, please label it “Optional” and include it at the end of the above prompts. 

Please use double-spaced minimum 500 words, 12 font, Times New Roman. 

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