W5 Assign 671 Granth To complete your Assignment, See attachment for detailed instructions: APA citing No plagiarism Week 5 Assignment Problem-Based

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W5 Assign 671 Granth

To complete your Assignment, See attachment for detailed instructions:

APA citing

No plagiarism 

Week 5 Assignment

Problem-Based Learning

Transfer: The Bridge from Training to Performance
Transfer of learning is the ultimate goal of training. Unless new knowledge and skills acquired in the training setting trans- late into new or improved job skills, the investment in training is wasted. Ideally, learners transfer most knowledge and skills acquired during training into improved job performance. In reality, transfer is very disappointing. “Most of the research on employee training clearly shows that, although millions of dollars are spent on training in the public sector, there is little empirical evidence linking training to improved job behavior or employee attitudes” (Haskell, 2001, p. 5).

Successful learning as evidenced by attending a training event or even passing a test is not the same as successful trans- fer of learning as evidenced by improved job performance. It’s an unwarranted assumption to equate training participation or even learning outcomes with job performance improvement.
In the global economy, competitive advantage relies on innovation. Innovation in turn is the result of creative and critical thinking. While we often use these terms interchangeably, I like the distinction made by Mayer and Wittrock (2006): “Creative thinking involves generating ideas that could be used to solve a problem, whereas critical thinking involves evaluating ideas that could be used to solve a problem” (p, 288, emphasis mine). Both forms of thinking are important to innovation and both lead to far transfer. What are the different forms of transfer and how can each form be optimized in training and in organizational environments? Those are the questions addressed in Chapters 11 and 12. Because the topic of transfer is fairly extensive, this chapter will deal with the psychological basis for transfer. It will set the stage for Chapter 12, in which I describe the instructional methods proven to promote transfer

To prepare for this Discussion:

· Chapter 13 – “See attachments”

· Learning and Performance – https://youtu.be/D0jbODh3kQc

· Learning vs Performance – https://youtu.be/7YdGVRNPFRg


You have been asked to present at a professional organization’s meeting and the topic requested was “Twin Technologies – Low-Tech and High-Tech Job Aides”.

· Create one version that is interactive for a live audience in the same room with you.

· Provide some time for your own presentation as well as some time for group participation.

The organization’s webmaster is going to video tape your presentation but wants you to provide a design for an interactive event, for those individuals who were unable to attend. The Webmaster will build this interactive event in Flash. Therefore, you can combine slides, questions, and designated video segments of you presenting or of participants responding to questions.

· Use the Interactive Technology Design Template provided.

· Define for the webmaster

· What how to translate the low-tech in-person design into a somewhat interactive, web-based design.

· Finally, submit here a
one or two paragraph paper summarizing
of your insights and discoveries during this exercise and a link to your design

· Find a course that you attended recently enough to:

· (a) have the course materials

· (b) remember the flow of the course and its timing.

· APA citing

· No Plagiarism

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